Pass processing

Dear clients,

In accordance with Decree of the RF Government dated July 16, 2016 No. 678 "On the Requirements to Ensure Transport Safety, Including the Requirements to Anti-terrorism Security of Facilities (Territories), Taking into Account Security Levels for Different Categories of Transportation Facilities Infrastructure and Vehicles of Marine and Inland Water Transport (Appendix to the Rules of Admission to Transportation Facilities, Clause 17, 18)", from January 01, 2017 you need to submit your application for permanent pass:

  • In St. Petersburg Line Internal Affairs Department of the Russian Federation for Water Transport at the following address: 198035, St. Petersburg, ul. Dvinskaya, 1.

Application for the issue of pass in the prescribed form signed by the director, the chief accountant with the seal of the organization in 2 copies with cover letter and contact phone number of the organization must be sent by mail (courier) to each of the above addressees. After the approval, a scanned copy of the application marked as approved shall be sent via email at to Pass Registration Office of JSC "Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga" (JSC "CSP of Ust-Luga") for subsequent approval by the Security Department of JSC "CSP of Ust-Luga" and the Checkpoint of Ust-Luga of the Border Guard Service of Russia. .

Sample cover letter.

Process flow scheme for the organization of crossing the state border.

Procedure for obtaining passes and taking induction by contractors.

Instructions for applying for a pass using the functionality of My Account on ROLIS company website.

For processing applications for a pass in electronic form to be used during visits to the MPT YUG-2, it is required to log in to My Account on ROLIS company website (

During the first entry, you need to undergo a registration procedure.. To do this, using the Services menu, click on Register now.

Then, choose the menu item Application for Pass in the menu RELATED SERVICES.

Enter your registration data in the opened form and wait for the automatically generated email (only after that will it be possible to register on the website).

Upon successful registration, the user will see on-screen notification about registration of the new user in the system.

Upon successful registration in My Account, the user selects terminal MPT YUG-2 and creates a new application for a pass to the terminal.

Next, you need to create an application using the menu.

When filling out the Application for Pass you must answer all the questions in the electronic Application form.

Next, you need to enter INN of the legal entity (the Applicant).

Please note! Details of JSC "Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga" are shown as an example! The applicant must register their legal entity.

Please check the accuracy of the details!

Then you need to add details of the individual that is to be added in the Application for Pass.

Please note! Details of the individual must match exactly the passport data or particulars of another identity document on the basis of which the application is made.

You must fill in the type of pass needed and specify the details of the car (if required).

Then you need to print the generated application, sign it with Director General and Chief Accountant and get it sealed.

Finally, you need to upload a scanned copy of the Application for Pass and a passport scan (page 1 + residence permit) to the electronic Application form on the web portal.

To transfer the application to the pass office, you should change its status from Draft to Complete and save changes. If necessary, you can get a rough estimate of the cost of the Application for Pass by clicking the relevant menu item.