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It is possible to work with vessels equipped with a ramp for rolling cargo operations and vessels with a vertical way of loading and unloading, as well as with vessels of mixed type operation.

Ust Luga seaport Administration is responsible for the safety of navigation and organization of navigation in the port and at its approach. The Head of the administration is the Harbour Captain Volkov Alexander.

Ship acceptance for handling. Ship requirements

Owner / agent should send preliminary notices to the Operator of the expected date of vessel arrival to the Port 7 days prior to the planned arrival date, and to specify the expected time of vessels arrival 72, 48 and 24 hours before ship arrival to berth, and when voyage time is less than 24 hours - no later than 10 hours before the arrival, if vessel voyage time from port of shipment to the pilot station is less than 24 hours.

Notice must contain:

  • name of the shipping line;
  • vessel name, flag;
  • route number;
  • ports of call;
  • main structural characteristics of the vessel:
  • length;
  • width;
  • maximum board height from keel to main deck;
  • gross register tonnage;
  • draft on arrival and estimated departure draft;
  • load capacity;
  • expected time of arrival;
  • expected number of cargo for handling (import / export);
  • information on cargo, requiring special storage conditions and special equipment for handling.

Not later than 24 hours prior to vessel arrival the Customer provides the operator with:

  • ship unloading cargo plan;
  • list of goods to unload;
  • instructions for cargo stowing and restowing or cargo plan for restowing.

Ships, presented to the Operator, are to be seaworthy, and cargo spaces, cargo and fastening means prepared to receive / giving-out.

Ships can be at Operator berths only during the time required for loading / unloading and carrying out secondary operations associated with the cargo. Operator has the right to demand the vessel, idle at the berth, awaiting cargo, further orders or documents, to leave the pier, with costs awarded against the ship owner.