Crushing and grading complex for coal cleaning delivered to the terminal YUG-2

The machinery fleet of the port of Ust-Luga has been joined by new equipment. On July 17, 2018, a crushing and grading complex for cleaning metal and other impurities from coal was delivered to the terminal Yug-2. The production facilities of Gornye Tekhnologii (Mining Technology), the Russian company, include: 

  • feeding bin БПК-1412 with a conveyor fitted with magnetic separator, 

  • mobile conveyor КПС-1412 with a screening device and a magnet,

  • mobile belt conveyor ЛК-2512. 

The new complex was transferred to the terminal Yug-2 from the Multipurpose Reloading Complex. 

The equipment is designed to clean foreign objects and metal from any coal. After this operation, the cost of cleaned coal is greatly increased. The new complex will be installed on the berth engaged in the transshipment of coal to be cleaned. It will start functioning immediately after training of personnel and connection to power source. Capacity of the new equipment is up to 1,000 t/hour. 

Coal cleaning and grading are highly demanded in the market. The purchase of the complex by the terminal gives the possibility of obtaining additional income while handling coal.  

JSC "Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga" (CSP of Ust-Luga) is the operator of two terminals in the port of Ust-Luga: the Multipurpose Terminal Yug-2 (MPT Yug-2) and the Auto-Railway Ferry Terminal (ARFT). The total cargo turnover of the Multipurpose Terminal Yug-2 (MPT Yug-2) and the Auto-Railway Ferry Terminal (ARFT) of JSC "Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga" in 2017 was 3,800 thousand tons.