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Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga JSC

Commercial Sea Port of Ust Luga JSC

The company is registered by Kingisepp territorial office of justice of the Leningrad region on December 11, 2001 (register number 23/01773) and is included in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities on November 10, 2002, PSRN 1024701425198.

Full company name

Commercial Sea Port of Ust Luga JSC

Company authorized capital

100,000 (hundred thousand) roubles

Number of shareholders


Company Administration

Board of Directors of the Company

Marc Theisen

Alexander Tarakanov

Mikhail Talanenko

Igor Evstafiev

Ostratova Inga

Acting Ganaral Director

Mikhail Talanenko

Company Management

Capt.Oleg Dekhtyar                 Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs

Galina Malinina                       Deputy General Manager of of Legal Affairs

Elena Kuzmina                        Deputy General Manager of Terminal Logistics